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Harkav Security is a member of the highly recognized voice of security in Canada, CANASA (Canadian Security Association) which is a national non-profit organization meant for advancing the security industry.
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BBB Accredited Business

Harkav Security is accredited with BBB(Better Business Bureau). This Bureau has been making it easier for people for more than 100 years to find businesses, charities, and brands they can trust.

Bark Professional

We are also present as a security guard service provider on Bark which is a world-leading services marketplace with over 5m customers in 8 countries across the globe.


Harkav Security website is secured with GoDaddy SSL certificates to inspire, trust and show visitors that you value their privacy and prevent intrusion. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details which when installed on an internet server, activates the padlock and therefore, the https protocol. This allows secure connections from an internet server to a browser.


Let's hear from our Executives why they chose to become ASIS Certified.

Harvinder Singh, the President, and COO at Harkav Security say that in spite of having no relationship between certification programs by ASIS and the security guard roles, still there are a lot of benefits that every individual in the security domain survive on. We keep improving by polishing our skills and knowledge base periodically which makes strides in our way of looking at different challenges and thus improves our quality of services. ASIS Certifications and memberships show our reliability as a security company, which is a common denominator why client companies should hire us with complete trust.

According to the words of Sheetal Narwal, CEO, ASIS is a powerful networking platform that enables you to network with other certified individuals from all over the world. With a better network, top-notch industry practices can be deployed which ensure more polished, updated, and advanced security management.