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As we all know, the malls and stores can become very busy. It can be difficult for store owners
and employees to keep an eye out for all the commotion going on, when they have so many
duties to tend to. That is why having retail security is extremely important. There are so many
unexpected situations that can arise, and having an extra set of hands will help to address those

What kind of situations can happen in retail?
1. Theft
2. Angry customers
3. Out of control crowd
4. Customer threats
5. Lost children
6. Injuries

There are various things that can happen in retail, ranging from minor incidents to serious
situations. With such a variety, you might be wondering what is needed in the perfect retail
security guard.

Here are things to look for in your ideal retail security guard:

Observant:One of the biggest things to look for is a security guard who is observant. Malls can
be quite busy, with so many people walking around, it can be very easy to miss things. Due to
this, it becomes the perfect location for a variety of situations to occur, such as theft. A security
guard who is observant and well trained in what signs to look for, is one that is equipped to do
the job.

Quick to respond: It's important that if there is a situation that occurs, the security guard is
quick to respond. This can reduce the damage greatly. Security guards need to be constantly on
their toes, ready to respond to any situations and alarms.

Quick decision maker: With being quick to respond, it is also important to be able to make
good decisions quickly. As a security guard you may not have more than a few seconds to come
up with a plan, decisions need to be made quickly but also well thought out with the best
outcome in mind.

Calm:Being calm as a security guard is very important as it can severely affect the outcome of
situations. With customers who may be angry, intoxicated or highly emotional, it's important to
stay calm and address the situation with respect in order to deescalate the situation. Of course, it can be difficult to remain calm in tough situations, but a security guard who is well trained will
know the right techniques to achieve this.

CCTV Trained: In retail security, there will definitely be the use of CCTV cameras. These help
to catch thieves amongst other things. Any retail security guard needs to be able to operate these
cameras properly, with success.

For commercial security services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at
647-913-0085. For commercial security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free
at 1-855-557-7868 to assist you in your local area. For commercial security services in Alberta,
you may call our office at 647-806-1189.

Summer Fun at Amusement parks, Oh... and Safety!

As the lockdown is nearing the end *fingers crossed*, amusement parks will be reopening for
some summer fun. Of course, Covid is nowhere near at its end, so precautions are still in place
and need to be reinforced even more. We do not want to enter another lockdown, or have the
parks shut down, so it is important that all park goers are following guidelines.
Of course, it can be difficult for park employees to be operating the attractions while ensuring
that all Covid rules are being followed. Help is very much needed and Harkav Security can

What type of security did amusement parks have before?
Covid-19 is still very new, and for most, they have not been through a pandemic before in their
life. Amusement parks have only had safety security for theft, break ins and crowd control. With
the very new world that we live in, it can be stressful to now add another layer of security on top
of what is already there. It is important that the security at amusement parks during this time are
highly trained for Covid safety.

There are many ways in which Harkav Security can help to keep amusement parks safe and
Amusement parks bring in a lot of excited guests, many being young children and teens. Even
with a limited capacity, it is bound to get out of control.

1) Social distancing patrol: Lines to get into the park as well as lines in the park will be
packed, and social distancing is still very important. Many Canadians are getting
vaccinated and may not think that this is necessary anymore. However, according to
government guidelines, it is still important that we keep our distance when in the lines. A
disregard for this rule can possibly force a shutdown, but also spread the virus. Harkav
Security guards will be on duty monitoring the line.

2) Sanitization upon entrance: Considering that there will be a large amount of people at
the park at a given time, sanitization is important. Upon entrance, park goers will be
required to sanitize their hands, preventing the spread of the virus. They will also have
their temperature tested before entering.

3) In park patrol: Once park goers are in the park, it is important that the same rules apply.
Canandian summers are hot, and many may think that it is ok to remove their mask
during their visit. However, wearing a mask is still mandatory, and the absence of a mask
can result in the park goer being removed from the park, or fined. Harkav Security guards
will patrol all areas of the park, gently reminding those without their masks of the rules.
Harkav Security guards are trained in how to handle these situations and de-escalate any
tense situations that may arise.

4) Employee Covid checks: Employees need to be checked for covid just as much as the
park goers. Harkav Security guards will perform the same protocols on the employees, as
they do on the guests.

Harkav Security wants everyone to have a fun and safe summer, and we are ready to help
achieve that!

Protect Small Businesses Today

Small businesses have been at the centre of our attention during this pandemic. Ever since the
first lockdown in March of 2020, small businesses have been struggling to survive under the
many lockdowns and intense government restrictions. The pandemic, coupled with the lack of
security that small businesses tend to have, creates the perfect storm for a closure.

If you own a small business and are looking for ways to remain open and thriving, here are a few
services that Harkav Security offers to protect and serve you.

Pandemic response security:
In order to keep your small business up and running, it is essential that the government rules and
guidelines are followed.
Our pandemic response services performs:
? Human Temperature Screening
? Symptoms’ Questionnaire screening
? Ensured social distancing is practiced
? Ensure government regulations for sanitization, face masks, and gloves
? Maximum capacity control
The health and safety of customers come first, and Harkav Security pandemic services aid in
that. Human temperature and symptoms questionnaire screening will prevent customers who
may be infected with Covid-19 from entering. The government will shut down businesses who
are found to have too many cases of Covid-19, making screening services essential. Harkav
security guards are equipped with the correct PPE, in order to protect the customers and

Small businesses tend to only have a few employees, which inevitably will lead to less attention
to these rules. It is unfair to ask an employee to be working inside with sales as well as patrolling
the line outside. Harkav Security will take the stress off of employees, allowing them to do a
better job inside of their store, while they are at ease knowing that their store and customers are
abiding by the law. Officers are patrolling the area at all times, and have the power to charge and
potentially shut down any store that is not following the rules, so this is essential.

Loss prevention security:
Not only is Covid safety important in protecting small businesses, but loss prevention is one of
the most important concerns, as businesses lose over a billion dollars a year combined.
Here are the services that Harkav Security offers to prevent financial loss:
? On site patrol
? CCTV monitoring
? Employee training
Having loss prevention services in place is extremely important, especially in small businesses
who cannot afford financial loss through theft. Canadian business owner Mark Hatfiled told CBC
news, "In a small business, the amount of trust that is given to individuals is tremendous and
when that trust is broken, it's hard as a business owner to continue on” [1]. Due to the nature of
small businesses, employees are given more trust than they may deserve. This gives them easier
access to theft, hurting the store. On site patrol and CCTV monitoring catches theft before it's too
An essential way to protect businesses is by training. Often, employers do not bother to train
their employees in loss prevention. However, this type of training can seriously prevent theft as
well as helping the employees to feel more confident at work. Harkav Security offers loss
prevention training, where they train employees in what to look for, how to approach, who to call
and how to prevent theft.
With Harkav Security's loss prevention services, it cracks down on employees, as well as customer theft.

CBC/Radio Canada. (2017, February 16). A company's most costly thieves already have
keys to the building | CBC News. CBCnews.

No to indoor shopping, Yes to indoor security

Yes, Ontario and Alberta are still in lockdown. After last month's decision by the government to impose another lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are still unable to do any indoor shopping.
Fortunately, in order to keep business up, and consumers safe, malls are open for essential stores
only, and curb-side/indoor pickup. However, malls have imposed strict rules and guidelines for
those who decide to shop at essential stores. These guidelines must be followed in order to keep
these stores open. Of course, with no one watching it can become a free for all for shoppers.
Malls must have enough security to ensure that proper guidelines are followed and shopper
safety is put first.

Here are ways in which the Harkav Security team can assist with indoor shopping at retail malls:

Outdoor line patrol: When going to the malls during the lockdown, you will most likely be
asked to line up outside as there is a limited capacity set. In order to have this be effective, social
distancing rules as well as masks are required. Harkav security guards will patrol the lines to
ensure that each individual is six feet apart, and correctly wearing their mask. The guards will
also direct any changes to where the line begins and ends if need be.

Entrance patrol: Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to follow the rules when it comes to
essential store shopping. Some shoppers may want to go for a quick walk or to a store that may
be closed. Harkav Security guards will be at the front of the mall entrance asking each shopper
which store they are headed to, and directing them. If shoppers are planning to go to a store that
is closed, they will be politely made aware, and turned back. This is to ensure that shoppers are
there for the right reason, and that there are less potential disruptions.

In-malls patrol: Once shoppers enter the mall there will be security rope cutting off areas that
cannot be entered. This means that shoppers will only be allowed in sections where essential
stores are. As we can imagine, it is inevitable to assume that all shoppers will follow the rules.
Some may want to jump over the rope to walk around. Harkav Security guards will be placed
around the mall and patrol the areas. If any shoppers decide to trespass onto areas that are
secured off, they will be turned away and asked to either continue on to the essential store, or to
exit the mall. If any disruptions do arise, Harkav Security guards are highly trained in de-escalating tense situations.

Essential store security: Since essential stores will be the only ones that allow shoppers, it is
more than likely to get a bit crowded. It's important that the set limit of customers allowed in is
followed. If too many customers are in a store at any given time, there is a possibility that the store may be fined as it goes against government rules. Harkav Security guards will be at the
front of each store to ensure that the right amount of people are entering . They will also ensure
that the correct sides of entry are followed.
It is also important that rules are followed inside the stores as well. Big box stores such as
Walmart which is open for essential needs, finds it to be one of the easiest for rules to be ignored.
Stores are large and spread out, which means that shoppers have the possibility of removing
masks without anyone noticing. Our security guards will be patrolling each section of the store to
ensure that all rules are followed.

Essential vs Non-essential items: One of the biggest changes in this lockdown is the
implementation of banning the purchase of non essential items [1]. As one can imagine, this can
cause confusion and anger, and lead to a disregard of the rules. Harkav Security guards will pay
specific attention to the sections that are off limits, and ensure that no shoppers are finding their
way in. Our security guards are well aware and prepared for any disturbances that may arise due
to this rule.

For pandemic response security or retail security services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at
647-913-0085. For pandemic response security or retail security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For pandemic response security or retail security services in Alberta, you may call our office at 647-806-1189.

1. Bundale, B. (2021, April 9). Ontario retailers adjust to new rules, non-essential goods
off-limits to shoppers. thestar.com.

Keeping Hotels Safe For A Stress Free Vacation

Vacation! Vacation! The one word that brings joy to everyone. When booking a vacation, the
most important factors are: where is your destination and where are you to stay. Once you figure
out your desired destination, it's all about booking accommodations. When looking for a hotel, of
course, we all want an accessible, comfy and exciting place to stay. You search Expedia, Red
Tags and Trivago for the best of the best, but wait... you might be forgetting something.
We all want to stay safe, especially in a place you aren't familiar with. A hotel/resort should feel like
your home, a safe place to stay for the duration of your vacation. It is important that wherever
you stay, it is equipped with the best security possible.

Here are the Hotel/Resort/Commercial buildings services, Harkav Security provides to keep you safe during your next hotel stay.

On site patrol: One of the most important things is having a security guard on site at your hotel,
watching over any movements and disturbances. Security guards act as immediate protection,
providing the ability to stop an unwanted situation from happening. Security guards also look out
for any signs of a criminal on the premise, alerting the hotel staff. Harkav Security guards work
intensely at scoping out the premise and providing reassurance of safety to guests.

Quick response to alarms: Of course, we expect modern day hotels to be equipped with the most up to date security systems. These alarm systems can deter a criminal from continuing with their crime, as the alarm may scare them away. These alarms also bring a situation to the officer on patrol's attention,
making it more likely for them to catch the criminal in action. Harkav Security guards provide an
immediate response to these alarms. They are highly trained in rapid response and how to handle
catching possible criminals.

Review of security procedures and property equipment: With procedures being updated and equipment being changed regularly, it's important that the security staff is kept up to date. The updates ensure that procedures, and usage of the equipment run smoothly, allowing the security to do a better job at keeping guests safe. Harkav Security guards make sure that they are regularly checking in with hotel management and staff, on anything that may have been changed. This allows them to familiarize themselves with the changes as well as any changes that they may have to do within their own approaches.

Training for staff management: Not only is it important to have security guards that are well trained, but also staff management.
When all members of a hotel are equipped with the proper knowledge and guidance, safety is at
its very highest. Harkav security provides training for the staff management, allowing them to be
on the same page as the security. This then ensures safety of the employees and of course, the
guests. Harkav Security will regularly update the staff on any changes that have been made.

24/7 working dispatch centre: Having extra hands on deck is always helpful. In situations where the onsite security may not be enough, it is important to have extra security nearby, who respond quickly and effectively. This alleviates the stress of everyone on the premise, and allows for an easier handling of the situation. The Harkav Security team has a team of guards working 24/7, who are ready to help
assist in situations if needed. Hotel staff do not have to worry as this team of guards are well
prepared and equipped to handle all situations.

For Commercial security services (mobile patrol) in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our
office at 647-913-0085. For Commercial security services in Ontario (other cities) please call
our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For condominium security
services in Alberta, you may call our office at 647-806-1189.

Mobile patrols for business plazas or shopping malls

Parking garages at malls are known for being dark, quiet, and quite scary at times. Workers are
prepped on how to stay safe after a shift, and customers are told to be aware of their
surroundings. Robberies are likely to happen as it is often difficult to see a criminal in the sea of
cars. Many individuals keep important information, as well as money and merchandise in their
vehicles whilst in the mall. If this is stolen, it can put a huge straint on the individual.
In order to combat these crimes, Harkav Security offers Mobile patrol services, put in place to
stop criminals, and prevent further loss.

Here is how we can help

On patrol duty: One of the best ways to stop criminals is by simply stopping them in their
tracks. Our security guards patrol different areas of the parking garage, and are kept on lookout
for any suspicious activity. If a guard does notice a suspicious individual, and or circumstance,
they will approach it in an appropriate way. Our security guards are highly trained in how to
approach these situations and de-escalate any heightened interactions that may occur.

Responding to Alerts: Many parking garages are now equipped with the latest security
equipment. This is extremely important as it detects and alerts the security guards on any
suspicious activity and situations. Harkav Security guards will respond in a quick manner in
order to catch any criminal. Responding quickly is essential in not only catching a criminal, but
preventing worse outcomes.

Unscheduled Patrol: Criminals are smart, they often scope out an area before making their
move. They will often keep tabs on what time the security arrives and what time they leave. This
gives them the opportunity to commit their crimes when no one is around, making it more likely
for them to get away. Unscheduled patrol does the complete opposite of that, making it
impossible for a criminal to know when they are being watched. Security guards will be in and
out of the premises, various times a day, different each day. In this way, there is no schedule that
the criminal can follow. This will then deter the criminal from committing a crime.

Keeping check of opening and closing times: It is important that parking garages are open when they
need to be, and closed when they need to be. Malls have strict rules on when a parking garage is
allowed to be open. These rules keep individuals with ill intentions, from entering when they are
not supposed to be. If a parking garage is not closed when it is set too, a criminal has a higher
chance of getting away with a crime as it is unlikely that anyone will be there to catch them.
Harkav Security guards will ensure that the garage is open and closed at the set time, and that
there is no possible way of anyone entering unauthorized.

For patrol services (mobile patrol) in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at
647-913-0085. For patrol services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at
1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For uniformed security guards in Alberta, you
may call our office at 647-806-1189.

Back to School? Reach your security partner to ensure COVID safety!

Recently, with the spike in COVID cases across Ontario, schools have been forced to close once
again. The virus continues to spread, and does not discriminate. More students and teachers are
being infected with the novel coronavirus, as well as other variants. Eventually, when schools do
re-open, not only will students be entering the schools, but so will COVID.
Students, especially younger kids who may not know the seriousness of Covid, may possibly
forget to wear a mask, or wear one incorrectly. This can become a serious problem and lead to
spreading if not handled before entering the school. Currently, it is the responsibility of the
school staff to ensure proper wear of masks, however, it is unfair to expect staff to overlook
covid regulations whilst preparing for a day of classes. When students do return to school, more
precautions may be required, and so will more hands.

Harkav Security offers pandemic response services that will help to prevent the spread of Covid
in the schools, as well alleviate the stress from the school staff.

How we can help:
Human temperature screening: Before entering the building, it is important that students do
not have one of the classical Covid symptoms, a fever. By recognizing students who do have a
fever and alerting the school, this reduces the possible spread of the virus. Harkav Security
guards offer human temperature screening and can quickly and effectively screen students at the
door. Multiple guards may be on site to ensure quick and efficient screening, ensuring no student
is missed and the school is protected.

Ground Patrols: As noticed, many younger students, as well as highschoolers may not wear their mask
properly, or at all. Of course, they are excited to be back in school and see their friends, causing
them to forget about their mask. A mask is one of the most essential fighters in battling Covid.
Harkav Security guards offer patrol services to ensure that any student with no mask or an
improper mask is dealt with appropriately and immediately Dealing with students may be
difficult at times, but our security guards are highly trained in de escalating situations that may
become out of control.

Ensure Social distancing: When students are at lunch or a break, it is not uncommon for them to want
to hang out with their friends. It is important that although they are wearing their masks, they are
also social distancing. Harkav Security guards will patrol the social areas and ensure that
students are keeping their distance. Any students who may not be doing so, will be gently
reminded of the regulations.

For pandemic response security services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at
647-913-0085. For pandemic response security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our
toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For pandemic response security
services in Alberta, you may call our office at 647-806-1189.

Secure Your Premises With The Best Security Guard Company In Canada

What do you expect from any security service provider while hiring them? If your answer includes:

Emergency support

Quick urgent response

24*7 availability

Highly-trained security guards

Licensed security vehicles

Usage of security products like cameras and video


Then Harkav Security is a perfect choice for you as we possess all these features. With the aim of satisfying our customers, all your demands are fulfilled and every step is taken after discussion with you.

Many years of work experience have made us achieve perfection in our work and this is why we stand proudly in the list of best security guard companies in Canada.   

We start by asking you about your needs. This includes the type of security service you need, features you require to be added to our service, and many more. Our security guard team coordinates well with you before taking any decision.

Among the list of all security services, we will discuss the most demanded mobile patrol security services in this article. Stick till the end to know all about it.

Our mobile patrol security services for you

If you are about to leave your place and want to remain free from security worries, hire a mobile patrol security service provider. This will protect your premises from burglaries, thefts, and vandalism. Our security guards also control video surveillance activity along with conducting security patrols in your area. Always remember we are just a call away.

In your absence, our security guards visit your place in licensed security vehicles and conduct security patrols. This is done frequently to keep an eye on any irregularities. Along with these features, they also check and close the unsecured windows and entryways that can lead to potential crimes. They also check for the expected hazards and fire. 

With camera and video surveillance, they keep an eye on all activities that seem suspicious. They don’t allow unauthorized people on the premises who don’t have access to enter it. These services are available for all types of buildings including corporate buildings, shopping centers, or plazas. There are many such features and advantages of Harkav’s security mentioned below that can make the decision of hiring us easy.

What can you expect from our patrolling services?

   Capturing the timing of closing and opening of the premises as per the order of the client.

   Conducting unscheduled patrols regularly to ensure proper safety and security of clients.

   Detecting robbery and burglary around or in your premises by patrols.
Keeping an eagle’s eye on unauthorized vehicles, vandals, and potential cheats.

     Instant response to emergency alarms and carrying out further investigation.

    Available 24*7 and 365 days at your doorstep.

Features of mobile patrol security services

    To alert the burglars and thieves of our presence, security guards conduct patrols in security vehicles with a company logo.

    All of your assets are taken care of from threats under our supervision.

    Be it a corporate building or residence, Harkav security checks your area for any unwanted happenings. Proper investigation is carried out before letting the person in.

    You can leave the place anytime leaving your assets over us as there is no fixed time for our services.

    Our well-trained security guards check the whole place to look if anything has been stolen.

    Physical patrolling can be done on foot, car, or bike at multiple locations during a single shift. This helps in taking on-the-spot action against any crime.

    Hiring mobile patrol services will cost you less than hiring a full-time security service provider with the same quality. The security guards can arrive at your location at a call whenever you leave your place.

    If you own multiple business buildings in different areas Harkav’s Security guard services in Toronto will be the perfect option.

How can you trust us?

When you have ample options available, you may wonder why you would choose us. You should always check for:

The security vehicles and the security service provider are registered and licensed.

Certified and well-trained security guards.

The security guards must be acquainted with the latest technology to record and report everything perfectly.

With our work, we aim to satisfy our customers and this makes us win their hearts as well as trust. There are many other reasons:

We have our headquarters located in the heart of Ontario which is Toronto. This helps us in serving our clients faster with the availability of all features.

    Privately owned firm: Since we are a privately owned firm for security so you don’t have to deal with multiple stakeholders. We will be answerable for all of your queries and no compromise is done on quality from our side.

 We give you all ears: We listen to all of your needs carefully and offer one-on-one consultation. We discuss with you all the task requirements, calculate risks, and find the best way to offer you the best in the offered budget.

    The single domain of services: Instead of juggling between various services of security we have dedicated ourselves to a single domain of security to serve all clients with the best. We keep a check on the performance of all security guards and their coordination with the client.

    We keep checking our progress: Standing in the list of best security guard services in Toronto, it becomes our responsibility to keep improving. We assign account managers and site supervisors to check each employees’ performance. They train security guards in areas they lack if needed.

    Highly professional security guards: We personally train our security guards to inculcate communication skills, code of conduct, courtesy, making good decisions, and understanding proper procedures. Before deploying them to the sites, we take interviews and carry out a background check. 

These pointers are enough to make you understand what you will get after hiring us. You can sleep in peace after leaving all your security worries over us. Let’s shake hands and take care of your premises together.

Wedding Season - The Need For A Few Extra Hands

With the summer coming up in just a few months, this means its wedding season. Many couples
decide to plan their wedding during the summer months in order to catch the warm sunny days,
perfect for one of the most special days in their life. However, with a wedding, and particularly
larger ones, comes with many concerns about the safety and well being of guests. With the mix
of adrenaline and alcohol, there's bound to be some concern for safety. The couple should never
have to be worried about the safety of their guests, but instead should be enjoying their special
day. This is where Harkav Security comes in.

Here is how Harkav Security can keep you and your guests safe at your wedding:

Management of guests and Access Control: We’ve all heard of wedding crashers, those unwanted guests who somehow end up in your wedding reception. Harkav Security guards will keep track of who is
coming in and out of your wedding. As many wedding receptions are held at public places such
as hotels or banquet halls, there is a chance that wedding crashers may arrive, especially with
other weddings going on simultaneously. Harkav Security will work to ensure that no unwanted
guests enter your party. Our guards will check names as well as the official invitation to ensure
this. Any unwanted guests will be turned away and/or dealt with appropriately.

24/4 support provision: Harkav Security works quickly to make sound decisions in regard to
reporting incidents. It is no doubt that at a wedding there may be physical and verbal altercations,
but don't worry, Harkav Security has this covered. Our guards will ensure that any incident is
reported, and the guests in question are dealt with appropriately. Our security guards are highly
trained in how to deescalate high tension situations If there are any issues in regard to the venue
itself, our guards will seek help and report any issues to the support system.

Effective communication: It is important that there is effective communication between the
guards, wedding organizers and venue employees in order for things to run smoothly. Harkav
Security guards work with everyone on site to make sure that they are up to date with any issues,
or changes in the schedule, allowing them to effectively do their job.

COVID Patrol: With COVID-19 still looming, many venues will require guests to wear a mask
during the event. Guests who are uncooperative, or who may simply forget to put on their mask
are inevitable. Our security guards will watch closely to make sure all masks are on, and all
COVID guidelines are followed. Of course, anyone not complying will be gently reminded to, and
dealt with if there are any further concerns. With that being said, Harkav Security will offer other
COVID patrol services such as hand sanitizing and symptoms questionnaire.

For event security services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at 647-913-0085. For
event security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to
assist you in your local area. For uniformed security guards in Alberta, you may call our office at

The best security guard services in Toronto

If you are tired of scrolling the internet in the search of the best security guard services in Toronto then your wait is finally over. Harkav security is the perfect match for all your needs of security services. Our well-trained security guards leave no space for doubt on our security services with their 24/7 service.

Our advanced system and features ensure that any unwanted activity around your premises doesn’t remain unnoticed. We take every required step for investigation if anything is found suspicious. Just specify your security requirements and hand over all your worries to us so you can sleep in peace.

Construction Security in Toronto

Having a construction site means it requires major safety measures for the prevention of burglary. The construction site has many valuable items which need to be protected from the eyes of thieves and burglars. While you are busy with your work, our construction security in Toronto looks after this on your behalf. We take the following measures to handle construction security:

          We coordinate with site owners to understand who has access to your site. Unscheduled patrolling around your site to alert the criminals of our presence.

          We store the information in our database of persons entering your site by deploying security guards at every entrance.

           Providing extra security guards whenever required.

          Highly-trained security guards who are licensed and certified and available at your doorstep 24/7.

Commercial and retail security in Toronto

Being a business owner it becomes your responsibility to keep your building free from threats, fire, vandalism, robbery, etc. But we understand that you cannot be everywhere to keep an eye on everything so we do it according to your needs. Be it any building like a shopping center, plazas, retail stores, or corporate buildings, our commercial and retail security in Toronto ensures a safe environment everywhere.

        We keep a check on all the indoor and outdoor activities by installing CCTV cameras everywhere. Our monitoring team handles the outdoor activities and surveillance facilities handle indoor activities.

         Our security team gives a quick response to security alarms even if it is 3 in the night in emergency cases. Further investigation is carried out to check for irregularities.

          Corporate buildings are the heart of every business. Keeping it safe becomes highly necessary as it has all the valuable information. For the same cause, security supervisors conduct sudden drive-by patrols around the building to alert the burglars.

          Our security supervisors check all the persons entering your premises and avoid unauthorized access. Access or identity cards are given to employees or staff members which can be shown at the entrance to take entry.

          Advanced GPS tracking systems and communication systems are used to maintain coordination among the security team.

Wondering why you should choose us?

When you have a lot of options to choose from, choosing one offers a lot of confusion. But we can help you out by directly telling you how can you get benefited from us:

          We work according to your needs. We pay close attention to our client’s needs and having an efficient staff ensures that we accordingly. We respond instantly to any changes in your requirements.

          We are a privately owned firm in Ontario looking forward to serving our clients with the best. Having our headquarters located in Toronto has helped us in excelling faster and understanding their requirements properly.

          We hire only the best security guards and further train them to work efficiently, have good communication skills, courtesy, and ability to make instant decisions.

So the next time you look for hiring the best security guard services in Toronto, Harkav security is just a call away.

New Cannabis Retail Industry, More Security

With the legalization of cannabis in 2018, cannabis shops have been popping up rapidly. There is
a growing number of customers eager to purchase cannabis, as well as an eager number of
thieves ready to steal cannabis. Store employees need to be on the lookout for possible thieves,
as it can not only damage their business financially, but it can become a dangerous situation

How Harkav Security help clients ensure the safety and security at Cannabis Stores?
At Harkav Security, our guards are highly trained and given extensive knowledge on how to deal
with high theft situations like cannabis. Our services include:
Surveillance cameras: Harkav Security can provide and monitor surveillance cameras. This
ensures that the entire store area is covered, and no one can sneak the product into a bag or
pocket. In this case, cameras are not hidden, but rather easily visible. This is a tactic used to deter
thieves from attempting to steal.
24/7 patrol:Having the store patrolled at all times is extremely necessary. When lights are out,
thieves tend to come out. During store hours it is obviously necessary to keep and eye on who is
coming in and out of the store, and what they are picking up and putting down. What is difficult
is what happens after the store is closed. Thieves will try to break into the store and steal as much
cannabis as possible. Harkav Security guards work to ensure that does not happen. With the
nature of cannabis, it is not unlikely for a thief to pull out a weapon, such as a gun. Our guards
are equipped and trained on how to deal with situations like this.
Employee theft: Unfortunately, it is often a store's very own employee who steals. This is
because they are seen as less of a suspect, and it is a lot easier for them to get their hands on
product. This can be very troubling and damaging to the store. Harkav Security works to patrol
the store, including the employees. At the end of an employees shift, a Harkav Security guard
will check the employees bag, pockets and any other openings for theft, to ensure they do not
walk out with valuable products.

Tips from Harkav Security:
* Keep cannabis secured in cabinets
* Never leave a customer alone in the store
* Always ensure an employee retrieves product for the customer
* Keep track of the inventory

Safety for your construction sites

The construction industry is rapidly growing. It is almost impossible to go on a drive, without
seeing an active construction site. With the number of buildings and homes increasing, so will
the number of burglaries.
Fortunately, Harkav Security has highly trained construction security guards that are ready to
serve and protect your construction site at any time.

Why are construction sites a hot spot for burglaries?
At any construction site, there are plenty of valuable items that are left lying around. This
includes money, electronic devices, keys, and expensive building materials. Construction sites
are notorious for people leaving in and out. It is hard to keep track of who is supposed to be
there, and who is not. A burglar has an easier time stealing from these spots as they have a higher
chance of going unnoticed. Not only that, but these sites are usually quite loud and busy, so a
burglar may not even be heard opening a door or running out.

How we can help
At Harkav Security, our guards are highly trained in construction security. We offer extensive
services to combat theft.
On site Patrolling : Our guards work on site, patrolling the area looking for any suspicious
activity as well as criminals. Our guards are highly trained and know exactly what to look for.
With their patrol, it will be easier to spot any area that has been tampered with, as well as any
traces of a theft. For any criminals that we are aware of, Harkav Security guards will keep an
eye out on the possible spots that they may be entering, hiding and leaving from.
Surveillance camera: Harkav Security offers surveillance camera services from the outside. It
may be difficult to hide a security camera on site, which would also encourage criminals to sneak
around it. By having an outside surveillance camera, Harkav Security guards are able to keep a
close eye out on any suspicious activity. The criminal will be unaware of our patrol, and
therefore it will be easier for us to catch them. Surveillance cameras also give us the ability to
see multiple angels of the site, without being present.
Record keeping: Ensuring that who goes in and out of a construction site is extremely important
in stopping potential theft. Harkav Security guards keep a check of who is allowed to be in the
site, when they enter and when they leave. Anyone that is not supposed to be on the site will be
denied upon entry.
Unscheduled patrol services: Burglars are smart, they look for as many clues and patterns as
they can get, in order to outsmart the system. Harkav Security offers unscheduled patrol that does
not follow any sort of pattern. This throws off a burglar and makes it impossible for them to
know when security will be there. This works in the hopes of deterring burglars.

For construction security services in Toronto (GTA area) and other cities of Ontario, you may call our office at 647-806-1189. For commercial security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area.

Things You Need To Know About Mobile Patrol Security Services

Mobile patrol security services are useful in keeping your residence safe from any unwanted situations like vandalism, burglary, fire, etc. The security guards who take charge of mobile patrolling also handles video surveillance activity apart from doing regular patrol checks in and around the area. Besides this, there are multiple other benefits that we are going to discuss here in detail.

Importance Of Mobile Patrolling -

1. Mobile patrolling security guards keep your premises safe by preventing unwanted happenings. Be it in a business area or residential apartments, they do proper security checks before letting the person in.

2. Hiring a mobile patrolling service whenever needed costs you less than hiring a full-time security guard. And it does not have any impact on the service quality. You just need to call the service provider for a mobile patrol whenever you leave your premises. This also works as a deterrent as the thieves know the area is being patrolled regularly.

3. The services can be taken anytime during the day or night. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your belongings anytime you leave the place.

4. They even do a thorough premise check to know if something has been stolen from the area or not. Also, they work according to the guidelines given by you.

5. They can patrol on foot, bike, car or any other vehicle, meaning they can patrol multiple locations in a single shift. And, physical patrolling helps in taking quick on-the-spot action that further helps in punishing the right culprit.

6. If you own a business in multiple areas, then choosing mobile patrolling services would be the best option. Contact Harkav Security to get patrolling services today as we offer premium quality mobile patrol security in Toronto and nearby areas.

Apart from these benefits, there are some things that you should keep in mind before getting mobile patrolling services.

Other Important Things Include –  

Most importantly, select only trusted and authentic service provider. Harkav Security has been providing Mobile Patrol Security Services in Ontario and other places for quite some time and the services have been praised by all our clients. Moreover, we provide training to the security guards to help them learn everything professionally.

Make sure that the company is registered and have a valid license to provide services.

The patrolling guards must be aware of the latest technology on how to record and report every activity. It will help in keeping the information safe and accessible.

The vehicles they use while patrolling should be registered ones.

Why Should You Choose Harkav Security?

Our mobile patrolling guards are trained in preventing unauthorized vehicles from entering your premises.

They know how to keep an accurate check during the opening and closing of your building to prevent any mischievous activity.

Our trained professionals keep regular checks in your area and try their level best to detect any burglary at your residence.

They have responsive behavior to act instantly during an emergency. Besides, we provide 24/7 services in Canada and never compromise with the quality of our services.

We also provide unscheduled patrolling to check your premises and prevent even the slightest possibility of hostile activity at bay.

If you are looking for mobile patrolling or any other security guard services for your business or residential area, contact Harkav Security and experience the best quality services in Canada. Visit our website to give us a call, and we will provide you with the best hospitality.

A Letter of Thanks to our Security Officers

Throughout this pandemic, there has been a special group of people who have kept society up
and running. We have seen it on the news, in articles and on social media, appreciation for our
front line workers.

Who are the front line workers and what do they do?
Front line workers, typically associated with the healthcare field, are workers in the centre of
communities, providing healthcare to individuals. This includes doctors, nurses, PSW’s and
medical assistants. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of the front line worker has
changed significantly. Others, such as : essential business workers (cashiers, food service
workers), cleaners, and delivery service workers , have been the ones majorly impacting the
smooth function of society during this time. These workers are faced with the tough and quite
honestly, scary job of dealing with thousands of people a day, and coming into contact with the
It is important to note that most of the front line workers are not vaccinated, and will not be
receiving the vaccine anytime soon. Putting them and their families at a greater risk.

Did we forget anyone?
Have you noticed the security guards standing outside of the grocery stores and malls? The ones
patrolling vaccine clinics?
Unfortunately, security guards have been forgotten as essential workers during this pandemic,
although they are risking their lives everyday in order to keep the community safe.
At Harkav Security, our guards have been working during all hours, in the busiest areas,
providing the utmost professional and necessary services. Our pandemic response services
include : human temperature screening, symptoms questionnaire, social distancing and
government regulation patrol and enhanced guest management. All of our services require our
guards to be in potentially close contact with the virus.
Recently, with the vaccine being administered across Canada, and many vaccine clinics opening
up, our guards have been on patrol at these sites. Hundreds of people a day, coming in and out of
the clinic creates the perfect situation for contamination. Our guards, regardless of not being
vaccinated, have put out their hardest work in order to keep everyone safe. They do not get the
notoriety like the others do, but are well deserving of it.

So to our guards,
....Thank you for providing your service during this time.
....Thank you for risking your life and your families for the protection of others .
....Thank you for taking responsibility and wearing your PPE everyday.
....Thank you for your service with a smile

Everyone at Harkav Security is thankful for you, and the work that you do.

Get Your Loss Prevention Security Services Today!

Loss prevention security services are the need of the hour for the retail sector. Loss prevention helps in tightening the seat belt before the storm or to predict the storm beforehand. It is beneficial across the retail sector. If you want to grow your business and keep it safe, get the loss prevention services today from Harkav Security.

How Does Loss Prevention Security Services Works?

First and foremost, the security guard job is to protect the retail store from any mischievous activities like theft, burglary, vandalism, abuse, misconduct, etc. It makes sure that the loss is prevented at the first place.

Secondly, they also handle the employee/customer issue of theft, data protection, inventory audits, safety and risk management, subjects related to organized retail frauds and crimes, and finally helps in better legal compliance. This improves the customer experience, bringing the overall business output in a positive column.

Thirdly, security guards work with the investigation team to professionally investigate criminal violations that have happened on the premises and help in better recovery of the product. They do the surveillance as well as the patrolling around the store whenever required.

Benefits Of Hiring A Loss Prevention Security Guard -

In most cases, they also maintain proper documentation of multiple areas like inventory, customer accidents, merchandise returns, doubts and apprehensions, and recoveries. It further helps in finding the right culprit, reducing the level of doubts.

They are accustomed to every kind of equipment usage and technology, especially if you hire Harkav Security guards. It helps in better monitoring of the store and offers better and advanced services to both the owner and customers.

The loss prevention officers are trained to deal with extreme situations like fire emergency, medical emergency. They know how to evacuate people safely and how to provide treatment in the initial hours till the helpers arrive at the place.

Besides all this, they also help in maintaining decorum in the store, abiding by store rules, providing directions to the customers, and obeying the company policies to the core. The following of the rules help them in detecting any unsafe activity beforehand, preventing any kind of loss from the store.

Why Should You Choose Harkav Security?

Harkav security provides one of the finest loss prevention services in Toronto. Our trained officers communicate with the law enforcement agency to provide high-quality timely services. By working with the police officials, they guarantee the person responsible for the theft or other crime should be held responsible.

Apart from that, our security guards offer 24-hour services with surveillance and patrolling both. They are equipped with the latest technology and know how to handle a real-life crime situation while patrolling.

Many a time a suspect is being manhandled by the people or officials but our security guards keep a check over all the resources and proof to make sure that the suspect should be treated well until and unless his crime is proved blameworthy. This is done by doing daily checks on the person and getting every minute detail behind the crime.

The task of a security guard is not limited to loss prevention. It comes with the responsibilities of customer satisfaction as well. At Harkav Security, we provide professional training to all our joiners and make sure that they are equipped with every aspect required by the owners and customers.

We have been providing security guard services in Toronto and other cities for a long time now and our services have always been praised by our clients. We believe in maintaining professional decorum in our company besides striving for better client satisfaction. Visit our website or give us a call to explore more about our services as we have a lot in our store to offer.

Reasons To Choose Security Guard Services For Your Place

Whether it is a commercial area or a residential apartment, security plays a pivotal role in every sphere. People are choosing video cameras, digital locks, and recording facilities to keep their dwellings safe. However, every technology has its limitations, and there comes the role of security guards who are still more efficient than any technology. Given below are the reasons for you to opt for security guard services –

You Will Get Professional Level of Security

Many a time the incident requires immediate action. Videos cameras are useful in finding the culprit after the incident. However, a security guard can prevent the tragedy from happening in the first place itself. Besides, the security guards are well-trained and equipped with techniques to handle different situations effectively.

Easily Filter Unwanted People from the Genuine Ones

 Nowadays, whether it is a commercial space or residential area, security guards are informed to check the identities of the people entering the premises. This step cut down the chances of any mishappening to a large extent. And, if you choose Harkav Security a security guard service provider in Toronto for your security guard needs, you are investing in the right place because our security guards know each technique in and out.

Security Guards Lend a Helping Hand During Fire Emergency

Fire is an unwanted and uninformed situation that requires immediate action. If you have security guards at your place, it becomes easier for you to deal with the situation. Many security guards are trained to face fire-like situations and know the ways to evacuate people from the area. They also know how to manage the situation until the fire-fighters arrive at the incident.

Help in Providing Better Customer Service

When you hire professional and trained security guards, you are keeping your business growth at the top. Security guards are useful in directing the customers to the right place, help them with their needs, getting them to their car in the dark, escort them in the right direction to buy the product, etc. So, they are the first face of communication between your business and customer. Invest wisely!

They are Helpful in First-aid Needed Situations

Many security guards are trained to give temporary medical attention in an emergency. So, if you have any first-aid requirements on an urgent basis, security guards come to the top of the medical help list. They have the needed equipment and expertise that are beneficial during any injury or accident, saving a person’s life till s/he gets proper treatment in the hospital.

Patrolling And Monitoring

An active patrolling is the basic requirement to keep the surroundings under-check. So, security guards are highly trained in that activity. Apart from that, many businesses require video surveillance, credential checking, preventing people from entering restricted areas, etc. Here security guards play a vital role by performing the task according to the requirements.

At Harkav security, you find the most authentic and reliable security guard services in Canada. You might find hundreds of security guard companies in Canada, but finding one like Harkav Security is impossible. The reason is that we do not have a constraint to providing only residential or commercial security guard services. We have a broader reach that let us offer professional services in multiple areas like loss prevention, event security, condominium security, construction security, pandemic response security, and much more.

Besides, we do a thorough background check of the hired security guards to effectively filter the capable ones from the others. On top of it, we have an in-house training facility that let us train them according to the needs and requirements of the people, giving only professional and updated security services. So, get your security guards today and make your dwellings safer and better with Harkav Security.


How security can keep your business thriving during the pandemic

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has completely destroyed many businesses. Whether it is from financial downfall or being shut down due to restrictions, businesses are struggling to make ends meet. For businesses that are allowed to be open, there are now facing issues in regard to safety. With the many restrictions that the government has imposed, it is vital that businesses follow these guidelines with extreme care, or they face their business being shut down. Many of these guidelines require there to be an extra set of eyes and hands on board, which may not always be possible. Businesses have cut down on employees, meaning that it is even more difficult to find an adequate amount of individuals to be manning each station. Fortunately, Harkav security offers extensive pandemic response services in order to help your business.

Human temperature & symptoms questionnaire screenings
Retail stores are required to provide temperature screening for customers before they enter the store. This ensures that no one with a high temperature is allowed in, preventing the possible spread of COVID-19. Many employees have been assigned to this job, however there are not enough employees to work inside the store and out. Harkav security works to take temperatures, allowing store employees to focus on their duties inside the store. Harkav security also provides symptom questionnaire screening, done at the same time as the temperature checks. Government orders require stores to ask each customer the symptoms questions, and Harkav security takes care of this, again relieving store employees from this task. Of course, not all customers will be compliant with these screenings, however, unlike store employees, Harkav Security guards are trained in how to deescalate non compliant customers, and proceed.

Hand sanitization, face masks and gloves
To go along with the screenings, the government has made it a requirement for customers to wear a mask, as well as sanitize their hands and/or wear gloves. Wearing a mask however, is one of the strictest rules being enforced, and customers can legally be turned away if they refuse to wear one. As we have seen on the news, there are many individuals who do not agree with wearing a mask. This can be a stressful situation for employees to deal with, especially if the customer is adamant on not wearing one. In Ontario, businesses can be fined for having customers not wear a mask, so the option to let them in without one is not an option. Harkav security guards are trained in how to deal with customers who refuse to follow the requirements, relieving the stress from the employees. This also maintains a healthy atmosphere within the store as the security guards will remove the noncompliant customer from the line and take care of the situation privately.

Social distancing
One of the first regulations when COVID-19 became present was social distancing. Every business must
ensure that every customer is 6 feet apart from one another. Businesses have put down labels on the
ground to ensure this, however this is not always followed. Stores can become busy and customers may
not pay attention to the signs. The government has made it clear that if a business is found not enforcing
this regulation, they will be shut down. In many cases, this is difficult to regulate as employees would
have to be walking up and down the line making sure this is being followed, as well as performing their
other duties. Harkav Security offers social distancing services which include a guard being on patrol,
ensuring all customers are six feet apart. Security guards will also ensure that the maximum amount of
customers inside the store is enforced.
Harkav security guards come well equipped, wearing the correct protective gear, ready to protect your

For pandemic response security services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at 647-913-0085.
For pandemic response security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-
5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For pandemic response security services in Alberta, you may call our office at 647-806-1189.

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! Today is a special day for women all over the world,
celebrating the hurdles they have overcome, the inequalities that they have faced, and the
oppression that has plagued them since the beginning of history.
A little history...
Women from the beginning, have been seen as natural nurturers, this came in the form of
housewives and stay and home mothers. Their role was typically inside of the home, catering to
domestic duties. Of course, over the years, this role has greatly changed, due to the fighting
spirits that women have. Women are more than just their gendered role, they are truly whatever
they set out to be. Whether that is a doctor, teacher, engineer or entrepreneur, they have the
abilities to succeed in any path they may choose to follow. Departing from their domestic role,
women have fought to obtain jobs that were stereotypically male. Although they still face gender
bias in the workplace, more and more women are filling the seats that were once taken by males.
What women bring to the workplace
With women working in almost every sector nowadays, there has been an undeniably noticeable
impact in the workplace. Some of these include:
Talent: Adding women to the workplace increases the pool of talent for the company. Women
make up half of the population, so by not hiring women you are losing out on the great talents
and abilities that are out there.
Different perspectives: Women add a different perspective to the company, as they have
different life experiences in comparison to men. This leads to increased innovation and
creativity. Not only that, but their different perspectives can bring more relatability to customers
and/or clients.
Collaboration: Women are known for their high level of verbal communication skills, which is
beneficial during group meetings. It can foster better communication between individuals, and
lead to greater productivity for the company.

How Harkav Security supports women
At Harkav Security, women are celebrated and appreciated through Harkavs diversity and
inclusiveness. Security guard work has been seen as a stereotypical male job. Many years ago,
seeing a female security guard was like trying to pick a needle from a haystack. However, at
Harkav Security, female security officers are hired just as frequently as males, and perform the
same duties and tasks. This is because Harkav Security believes in equality for all. We hire our
female security guards looking beyond gender, and appreciate them for who they are and what
they bring to the company.

Our CEO, Sheetal Narwal, is a strong woman leader who has been able to effectively lead the company, with her extensive background in the corporate world and incredible leadership skills.

So what do women bring to Harkav Security?
- Creativity
- Talent
- Unique perspectives
- A better reflection of clients
- New visions
Lets honour and celebrate women today, and everyday, as their contributions enhance our
society in more ways than we can imagine.

How retail security can save you money

How retail security can save you money As a business owner, one of the most important things is ensuring that your business makes money, not loses it. Of course, unexpected and inevitable events happen. As we’ve seen with the current COVID-19 pandemic, businesses were hit hard, forcing many businesses to close, but what about situations that can be prevented? It is estimated that about 5 billion dollars are lost each year to shoplifting for canadian retailers [1]. This number is astounding, especially considering that shoplifting can be monitored and prevented. With this number on the rise, this can mean an early closure and major financial despair for business owners. Thankfully, Harkav retail security offers extensive loss prevention services to ensure that your business does not suffer from theft and the overall well being is protected. 

Here are 3 ways in which Harkav security can protect your business today: 

On site patrol: 

As we have seen throughout many stores, security officers monitor customers coming in and out, looking for any signs of theft, and potential theft. It is extremely important that customers planning to steal, do not actually make it out of the door with the item in tow. Harkav security guards are highly trained in not only looking for signs of theft, but approaching a thief. In order to keep peace and maintain respect for customers, security guards are trained in kindly approaching and resolving a situation. This protects store merchandise, but also ensures that the atmosphere in the store is not disrupted. 

CCTV monitoring: 

Many eyes are better than just two. CCTV is a video surveillance camera that captures pictures and videos from all angles of a store. Don't worry, these cameras are small and unnoticeable. This is extremely important in catching potential thieves as it ensures that all areas are covered. Harkav security officers work behind the scenes to keep tabs on all cameras, and send immediate support to potential theft situations. CCTV monitoring is beneficial for the overall well being of the store as many security guards are able to keep their eyes on the store without having to be present. This keeps customers comfortable while shopping, whilst protecting store merchandise. 

Employee training: 

 As important as having external help is, it is also important to ensure that the very people who work in your store, are equipped with the correct knowledge and training to handle potential theft situations. Employees are the first people that customers interact with, and often put a lot of trust into them. The employee customer relationship is important, and can often deter theft, if employees are well trained. Harkav security offers loss prevention training for employees, training them in what to look for , how to approach , who to call and how to prevent theft. By employees being prepared, theft can be prevented before it happens, not only protecting the business financially, but also ensuring that employees feel at ease and confident at work. 

1. Shoplifting and Other petty-crime cases are being dropped by Courts | CBC News. (2019, May 30). Retrieved February 24, 2021, from https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/crime-shoplifting-court-justice-delays-1.51 53828

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Event Security

If you're planning an event, you're probably waist-deep in e-mails and to-do lists. From venues and decor to tickets and special guests, the list goes on and on. But have you considered security services for your event yet?

You may be wondering if the costs of security are worthwhile, especially when you're only hosting a small-scale event. However, as a host of an event, it's your job and responsibility to keep everything in order and your guests safe. Here are five reasons why you should hire security for your next event.

Handle And Prevent Crime

Large crowds are the perfect opportunity for petty crimes such as pickpocketing or bag snatching. The crowd serves as the ideal getaway, and if guests are distracted in an event, they're unlikely to notice that something was stolen until it's too late.

Having a security service will help deter any criminal activity. Any shady folks may be less inclined to enter your event if they see security guards at the entrance. Moreover, if a crime does happen, security guards can take action right away.

Put Your Guests At Ease

Having quality security service at your event will help your guests feel safer. It implies that you, as the host, have made every effort to protect them and keep the event as safe as possible. Knowing that they'll have someone professional to turn to for help if trouble arises will also put your guests' minds at ease.

Monitor Guest Lists

It can be difficult, or even impossible, to keep track of your guests at a large event. Save yourself the uncomfortable task of turning someone away and hire professional security to manage your guest list instead. They will also help you make sure people are arriving in an orderly fashion.

If you're worried about large-scale crimes, security staff can check bags and belongings to ensure no illegal weapons are present at the event.

Crowd Control

A large crowd can quickly turn chaotic, especially if alcohol is involved. To prevent emergencies from getting out of hand, event security will develop an emergency evacuation plan and monitor entrances and exits to ensure your guests' safety.

Venue Requirements

You may be required to hire event security personnel so that they are less liable in the event of an accident or any criminal problems.

Are you in search of certified security services for your upcoming event? Harkav Security is your security guard agency of choice in Scarborough. We are dedicated to providing the finest security services customized to your specific needs. Keep your event guests safe with Harkav Security today!

What To Look For When Choosing A Security Service

Businesses big and small are now looking for security professionals to protect their valuable assets and customers. With so many security service providers out there, how do you choose the perfect provider for your business?Here are some things to look for when you're selecting a security service for your business.


Credentials are a crucial determining factor when choosing between different security service companies. Accreditation gives assurance that the company is operating legally and compliant with industry standards. You should probably search for a more trustworthy option if a third-party organization does not recognize the company or if you find that they hire unlicensed personnel.


You may require security services for a variety of reasons. It's always a good idea to check if the security company you're interested in has the specific area of expertise you're looking for. Flexibility is key for a good security company. The best ones will take the time to create a customized security plan that addresses your needs, budget and concerns.

National Or Local?

Generally, security services can be divided into nationally or locally owned. Locally owned providers have the advantage of being more familiar with the local community. They are also more likely to be more personable and provide better customer service.

On the other hand, national security providers have the resources to hire highly-experienced guards with extensive training for the job. However, you might find that these companies are more rigid and have strict policies for their employees.

Customer Service

Open communication with your security service is essential. If you have changed security needs or risk situations, unresponsive customer service and line of communication can bring hefty consequences for you and your company.


Nowadays, most people don't buy anything without looking at online reviews, and it should be no different when shopping for a new security service. It's important to do your due diligence and check out their ratings and reviews online. Some companies will also include customer testimonials on their website or even their existing customers' contact information so you can talk to them directly!

When looking for a security service company in Scarborough, you can trust Harkav Security to keep you and your patrons safe. From patrol security to commercial security, the safety of people, property and assets is our top priority. With years of experience in the security industry, we are committed to working with each client to ensure they get the best service possible. So, contact us now for the peace of mind you need!

Happy Thanksgiving!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it” as they say.

We at Harkav Security believe that Gratitude is the finest quality a human being can possess. It opens his way to more blessings and positivity. Therefore here we are, with our heartfelt thanksgiving note for all our employees, clients, and to everyone who has helped us throughout our journey. 

Recently in mid of September, Harkav Security was announced as one of Bark’s top Guarding Services in Scarborough for 2020! Hurray, that was the proudest moment for all us at Harkav Security. And, all this wouldn’t have been possible without our clients and employees. 

So, here is a big big thank you to all our employees at Harkav Security who give in long hours at work, work tirelessly with all their dedication and enthusiasm and make sure all our clients, their loved ones, and their properties are safe and sound under our protection. They are the real heroes of our company who needs to be appreciated every day for their service that has helped us reach this level. 

On this occasion, we would like to thank all our clients for their businesses and the amount of trust they have put in us. We would like to thank you for trusting us with your security requirements and believing in us. Not only this, we were fortunate enough to have the best clientele that has seen us grow in the months and helped us focus and correct our shortcomings every time. 

Words can’t express our warm hearts filled with gratitude. Once again, a very big thank you!

To conclude, we would once again like to thank all our employees, clients, and everyone who has helped us achieve the award of excellence and making us a trustable security agency for business owners and others in Canada. We promise to strive for excellence each day and offer the best security services to all our clients. In addition to this, we pledge to be humble always and fulfill the security requirements of everyone around us efficiently.

How has the demand for security increased in the pandemic?

The pandemic has seen a high increase in the demand for security guards. These security guards are required for a temperature check., control crowd in stores, ensure social distancing,

This is because of a variety of reasons. First, nobody wants to leave their properties unarmed during the times of pandemic as unprotected properties are more vulnerable to crimes. Another reason to hire security guards is to check the temperature of the customers and make them sanitize their hands and other items in order to protect the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Among the rapidly increasing demands, Harkav has made sure that all the security requirements of our clients have been fulfilled well and we provide them with the best of security guards. In addition to this, all our security guards are given top-class security guard training to safeguard you and your properties efficiently.

Why Harkav’s security guards are the best for you?

Harkav Security is all prepared to serve their clients and protect their businesses in the time of crisis. We have plenty of security guard personnel to help you in keeping your properties safe and maintain the safety of your store.

Harkav’s security is beneficial to you in terms of pandemic response security because -

    ?  They are provided in house pandemic training.

    ? Routinely trained for Covid measures.

    ? Reliable security officers.

    ? Experienced and licensed security guards.

    ? Ensure social distancing.

    ? Dedicated personnel.

   ? Ensure their own and everybody’s safety around them.

Protective measure for Security Guards

Security Guards are the most exposed to the coronavirus. This is because the scan everyone coming from outside and interact with everyone. As a result, to keep themselves and others around them safe, it is important for them to keep themselves safe and take all the preventive measures.

We at Harkav make sure our security guards take all the preventive measures and help our frontline warriors to be safe and sound always. Harkav always instructs our security guards to take preventive measures such as -

1.)   Attention and compulsion to wear PPE kits.

2.)   Social Distancing is followed strictly.

3.)   Regular Covid-19 tests.

4.)   Avoid sharing of personal items.

5.)   Providing knowledge on how to keep one safe.

  How can Harkav Security help you?

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic can hit anytime soon and it’s very important for you to be protected and protect your loved ones too. In addition to this, it is important to keep your customers safe too.

But don’t worry! Because harkav is here for you. Harkav’s security guards would make sure that all the people coming to your stores are properly screened and social distancing is strictly followed.

In addition to this, harkav’s guards are also prepared for the toughest of times. Also, We at Harkav make sure all our guards receive proper training on Covid protective measures in order to work well.

Cannabis industry is an absolute serious business. A sneak-peek how Harkav Security Experts are making a difference in cannabis security!

The cannabis industry is booming. The marijuana market is drawing all sorts of people to start development and farming ventures. Cultivators are presently more countless than ever and with that one genuine concern for many cannabis farmers is Cannabis robbery.

Agriculturists are as of now beneath strict controls, but there aren’t numerous regulatory measures relating to security yet. Farms are full of important merchandise. From the cannabis plants to growing gear, it all comes with a overwhelming price tag. Harkav Security offers first class security services to assist cannabis businesses to ensure their resources and employees. altogether at each step of the cultivating. Marijuana is profitable at any stage whether its development at farms, handling and indeed at selling time within the retail areas and Harkav Security officers are prepared and experienced in dealing with combat robberies effectively at all the stages.

As the cannabis industry has developed, so have  the companies that cater to the security services to cannabis businesses. Many cannabis companies only point for a modest bunch of video cameras and alarms to fulfill provincial or local government auditors.

Cultivation of cannabis is to a great extent a cash-based commerce. This makes it particularly alluring to cheats and criminals. Numerous agriculturists still don’t take the vital defensive measures to defend their product. There are various ways to combat and anticipate cannabis burglary. What’s critical is picking out a security partner that’s equally capable at showing compliance inside your trade as well as robbery avoidance whereas observing all workers as well as the regions of concern.

How to Pick the Right Security Partner?

A security company with a history of shielding cannabis industry clients is the foremost vital.

(1) If they show a few references with avoiding cannabis robbery, at that point they’re likely a secure bet.

Harkav Security has worked/been working for various cannabis business clients all over Ontario. We inquire you questions around where you’ll be storing certain things and items. We are efficient with camera surveillance that offer wide views and no obstruction. You don’t want to overpay and go for the costliest alternate when you may not require such modern equip. So we analyze your premises and give you a risk analysis feedback so you can make informed choices of security solutions.

(2) Cannabis businesses ought to make a security plan and construct a strong security establishment in the event that you’re a cultivator. A few cannabis business proprietors don't  set up the right security measures, but if you’re considering beginning a cannabis farm or develop operation, you ought to consider the following security measures as prescribed by Harkav Risk Analysts:

 (a) Secure What’s Valuable

Obviously the processed or the end product is worth more than your plants in cannabis industry, however it does not make sense only to secure your storage areas. Doing this, you would be at a blind spot by ignoring farm security. Harkav Security equally guarantees that our clients have got an appropriate monitoring and security in put wherever you cultivate or hold cash or store your dry items and treats all areas equally to secure it.

 (b) Camera System

CCTV observation could be a great security degree to induce video records and meet compliance benchmarks for common necessities. It’s always an  excellent idea to go past the negligible prerequisites for security compliance. Cannabis business proprietors ought to contract a company with the correct licensing and work history to monitor your camera framework. They ought to be prepared in defensive insights.

 (c) Employee Theft

Internal thefts are the more genuine hazard when it comes to your cannabis farm. In spite of the fact that most security is centred on avoiding individuals from breaking in, it is your representatives that are more of a danger to commit theft. You will moreover need to have prohibitive measures in put for important entrance and exit points. You don’t need to have your workers allowed easy access to zones they don’t work in. Making your representatives mindful that they’re being observed by a third part Security Partner really works in your support. Routinely planned bookkeeping checks too are valuable. You ought to only believe particular workers with taking care of and tallying your business’s income.

Harkav Security has time and time again help business owners identify some similar instances of worker thefts to avoid in losses in future.

 (d) Publicize Your Security

You need individuals to know about your security framework. Having your cameras unmistakably visible will serve as an obstruction to burglary. Indeed have open notices about your security partner on your company’s site and interior your retail stores. Time and time again, just by putting Harkav Security's banners and notices  as well as  our uniformed security with their company marked vehicles on site help secure our client's premises.

 (e) Harkav Security Guards

Contracting 24-hour guards can go a long way toward anticipating robbery. You ought to just take into thought whether you need equipped security guards. A potential shootout can be harming to your business, your employees and the nearby community.

It never hurts to contact local security partner, Harkav Security with a strong track record of safeguarding cannabis operations at every stage to figure out the best way to keep your business safe.

Need a quote? Reach us at https://harkavsecurity.ca/get-an-estimate or info@harkavsecurity.com

How can brick and mortar retail businesses defend themselves from security threats

Every business has to deal with the threat of a crime or theft happening in the business premises. 44% of shoplifters when met, mentioned that on the off chance that a representative would have paid any consideration to them when they were committing burglary, it would have prevented them. Certain businesses like banks, stores, and convenience stores are more vulnerable to such activities and require a proper security channel or system and this is the reason why many of the businesses are hiring security guards for their retail security. One such establishment that can provide efficient and professional retail security is Harkav Security. 

Harkav Retail Security can help in avoiding thefts or crimes, assist the customers, and manage the overall security of the retail stores. The businesses or retail stores should understand the advancements of having a security system or guards hired before making a decision. Here is why our clients believe in Harkav Retail Security as their trusted partner.

You will have the peace of mind

The feeling of satisfaction after knowing that you have a security system or guards for your business will help you in having the mental peace. When you have employees working in the high-risk zones, providing them with security will enhance their productivity and aid them in performing better. Also, it will build the trust of your customers regarding the aspect that you are concerned about their safety. Retail Security becomes a necessity for businesses dealing in high-end products or the ones having their locations in places that are under high risks.

Access control and crowd control services

Harkav Security provides both complete access control services and staffing to ensure that your facilities and events are secured to the fullest. The team provided by Harkav will be well-trained in identifying the access points and optimizing the need for security accordingly. And amongst the services, physical search, baggage search, access control to the restricted areas will be provided.

Prevention is better than cure

Just by having security for your business will reduce the risk of crimes to a great extent. Thieves will think thrice before attempting a robbery at your business. Harkav Security guards are trained well to spot any suspicious activity and they are quick to respond to any of the security breaches. Having guards at your businesses gives a message to the criminals that you are concerned about the security and that they should not risk it by attempting any crime.

A better customer service

The security guards from Harkav Security can be highly beneficial as your customer ambassadors. You can make the guards a front desk member or an in-charge of a particular area which in turn will have them interacting with a lot of customers. They can help the customers to find the desired product and this will make your business full of communication which in turn will leave a mark of interactive business on the customers.

Loss Prevention Services

With Harkav’s loss prevention services  thieves, shoplifters, or burglars will not be able to cause any harm to your business, let you spend extra during the busy season, or to the worst extent force you to shut down the business. Harkav Security can help you with the team of guards that ensure prevention against theft or suspicious activities and will also train your team accordingly to not let theft affect the business which is known as loss prevention training for employees.

Managing any criminal activities

Security guards at Harkav Security receive a lot of training when it comes to responding to any suspicious activities or crimes. It depends on the business owners to decide whether they will have armed or unarmed guards and what course of action should be done if any crime or suspicious activity is reported. When you have guards or security systems from a reputed company like Harkav Security, the guards that they provide will be trained to accordingly act in case of a crime. Also, you will not have to spend extra on monitoring the security system.

Threat assessment and risk analysis

The advancements of threat assessment and risk analysis by Harkav Security incorporate the protection of networks, software, and hardware which is initiated by analyzing the type of system which is at risk. Once the risk threat assessment is completed, the staffing is deployed accordingly along with proper training to enforce the necessary actions and measures.

Understanding Todays’ threat in security world and making an informed decision is the key to protect your businesses

During one of the division’s meetings last month, Harvinder Singh, COO and president of Harkav Security mentioned that “An informed decision is all it it takes for any business to keeping their people and assets protected.”

Today when we think around the depth of this one line in technical terms, we get to know the significance of it. If  your organization has deployed or are thinking to deploy high standard of security with cctv surveillance and alarm response programs, it phenomenal and much acknowledged in today’s world. Numerous businesses deploy alarm and camera observation as the only step towards keeping their premises secure. Typically an amazing approach to extend safety and security, get eyes on the premises 24/7 and collect evidence in the event that required for any misdeed. This is often great value for the investment. However, as per security experts this approach is lacking in physical security and consequently the dangers and vulnerabilities are still high.

In today’s era, It’s exceptionally simple to disregard that your business’s ecosystem can never be totally digital. Physical security is each bit as critical as digital security. In a few cases, it’s indeed required for administrative compliance.

Harvinder Singh also added in the same conversation that “Its high time for many businesses to upgrade their security posture.”

Each business whether big or medium or small should have physical security measures in place. Think around the security of your workers and your clients. Think about the stories of vandalism, break-ins, robbery or comparable offences. Nearly each day there's a new story of a potential breach in Toronto/GTA for various businesses who dismissed the need for physical security as they had other means to keep eyes and ears on premises. However, we strongly believes that an additional hands and feet should be on premises at all times to avoid such instances.

Nobody would even want to physically hurt or perform any wrongdoing to the individuals or the premises of any business where there are guards patrolling. Security guards are one of the foremost productive ways to prevent physical viciousness and assaults on you, your people and your company. By having them on the ground, you'll be able to avoid any misdeeds before they even happen.  

Hence, the highest physical security standard is necessary to protect your assets. Knowing you would like physical security is one thing, knowing where to get the finest security services in Toronto and GTA is another. That's what we call an informed decision.

Do not get overpowered by the numerous physical security perspectives to consider. Just to get started, consider the physical security for both outside and inside the premises and leave the rest to Harkav Security.

Need a quote? Reach us at https://harkavsecurity.ca/get-an-estimate or info@harkavsecurity.com

5 things to look for in hiring a condominium security

It goes without saying that a condominium requires security and you can improve the levels of security by balancing convenience and security. And, it will be your responsibility to take care of the security of the people residing in your condominium. Hiring a professional condominium security like Harkav Security will be your best move in terms of protecting and handling the safety of people living there. Also, you should have a security which intervenes minimally with the lifestyle of the people present in the condominium. You should look out for certain aspects in a company before hiring them as your main condominium security team. Given below is a list of things that Harkav Security keeps into consideration when it comes to condominium security.

The budget of your hiring

Before hiring a condominium security, you should establish a budget so that you do not overspend in the scenario of need. And, security is an important aspect for the people living there, so you can take a certain percentage of the budget from the budget of condominium maintenance. Harkav Security ensures that you are provided with the best security team which fits in your budget flexible along with the guards trained under expert professionals.

You should examine the security needs

If you are replacing, upgrading, or hiring a new condominium security, you should have an assessment of the security needs of the apartments and society. It will help you in having a clear picture of what you will need from a professional condominium security. For instance, you can make Harkav Security aware of your requirements and you will be provided with a dedicated team that will be customized to suit your security needs. Also, Harkav Security can help you in finding any loopholes in the existing security and fix them with their expertise.

Get an overall condominium security management

You should go with a security company that provides you with all the essentials of condominium security. It should not be the case where you have to hire guards from a different security company, camera surveillance from another company, and their monitoring and handling from a third company. Harkav Security comes with all the necessary deliverables from security to camera surveillance, you will be provided with surveillance security, a team of trained guards. You should not compromise on this point because this can lead to surveillance.

Go with the company that provides professionals

There is no point in investing in a condominium security that offers you with under-trained or unprofessional guards who are not well-versed with the technicalities of handling the security of a condominium. Therefore, when you are hiring a condominium security, evaluate the quality of the team which will be provided to you by the company. Harkav Security will be your best option in this scenario because it will ensure that the guards are well-trained before they are presented to you as the condominium security. Hence, choose your condominium security by keeping all the above-stated aspects into consideration.

Staying top-notch in security domain post 2020 pandemic and applauding our security personnel to stay strong and serve the community

 During the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis everywhere, security domain has experienced a job role change for the security guards as they have been helping the community in battling the COVID-19 in what may once have been viewed as non-conventional security jobs. During this exceptional time, Harkav Security teams have included another business function to help our customers guarantee social/physical distancing in their premises, to scan temperature of all personnel entering the facility along with access control, to be on neighbourhood watches in night time at customer premises during the lockdown. In the past week and upcoming weeks, when organizations are or in the process of being revived, our guards have been keen working on facilitating COVID access control and distancing to keep all personnel at facility safe and to help the old, vulnerable or 'at major risk' people at customer premises to follow the quarantine procedures; hence we have been stepping up to the challenge.
In a couple of brief weeks, seeing a security officer outside stores has gotten ordinary to guarantee the wellbeing of customers/workers, limit the number of individuals who can enter a retail location/business workplaces at any one time, and guarantee social, or physical distancing is respected in all customer areas. Preceding COVID-19, our retail guards focus was generally pointed towards loss prevention and employee safety, however now there has been additional work responsibilities too. In many stores, signs have been introduced to demonstrate a 6 feet separating distance which clients are expected to watch for. Markings have additionally been introduced outside stores so clients lining to enter keep up safe distancing of 6 feet. Supervisors have been offered attentiveness to execute crowd control frameworks at store entry points to restrict the number of clients permitted in stores whenever by having security watch officers at store passageways to help ensure this new mandate. 

Harkav Security is a Canada based privately owned security company providing wide variety of Services Including (But not Limited to) Security Guard, Patrolling, Risk assessments, Professional Security Consulting services, Theft & fraud protection, uniformed security, Event security.

We are currently giving security services to several retail markets and business organizations across Ontario to help with access control for people, guaranteeing social separating is regarded, and ensuring the older and the key employees gain admittance to their facilities in particular time frames. 

Need a quote? Reach us at  info@harkavsecurity.com 

Access control, patrolling, incident reporting, high-valued item protection, and temperature scan and ensuring safety protocols are just a few of the jobs security officers routinely fill. But in the past many weeks with most organizations currently temporarily closed, there has likewise been an expansion in the requirement for guard watch to guarantee the security of vacant and temporarily shut business, retail, or office premises, monitoring, and the arrangement of alarm response units. Additional to this, presently that various organizations and retail stores are currently being opened in last week and also being planned to open in forthcoming weeks, there has been a growth in requests of the COVID access control and physical security to help customers guaranteeing a safe environment for their customers and workers.

According to the most recent update on pandemic, physical separating measures might be set up discontinuously until 2022, researchers have cautioned in an investigation that proposes there could be resurgences of COVID-19 for quite a long time to come. In order to have multiple lines of businesses opening soon and to help stabilize the economy, the key ensurer to reopen temporarily shut businesses points to the mandate that the employer or business need to ensure that physical distancing and all COVID measures are being followed. This has started to show immense demand in the requests to deploy frontline security guards and ensuring COVID protocols are being followed.

Luckily, Harkav Security has already been prepared to address the new difficulties presented by the COVID-19 coronavirus before its episode and are glad to help our customers at this crucial time. 

Is your business secure with COVID measures in place? Feel free to get a free quote from us by reaching us via email at  info@harkavsecurity.com  or click on this link: https://harkavsecurity.com/contact

While security officers may not be perceived as frequently as frontline personnel like the clinical faculty, we at Harkav Security recognize our security guards as our key workers, working everyday behind the scenes to help our clients ensuring a safer place to work in Ontario. We keep our security officers up-to-date with mandatory weekly trainings to ensure their own as well as clients' safety and also keep them well equipped with all the protective gear while at work.

We take pride and immense pleasure to recognize our extraordinary ladies and men and the urgent work they are doing to keep everybody safe and secure in the need of the hour. We thank our frontline security staff everyday and also on social media using #Harkavfrontlinesecurity to give them an applaud.

Thanks #Harkavfrontlinesecurity

Building a Career in Security domain

Building a Career in Security domain  

Security jobs have a meaning and purpose, via protecting clients and their properties, aiding to ascertain a better future.

Based on our assessment, gaining expertise of the competencies below and record them on your resume is very crucial in obtaining a good security guard career opportunity:

1 . Security Officer work experience

2 . Patrolling expertise

3 .  Customer Service Skills

4 . Attention to Detail

5 . Communication Skills

6 . Law Enforcement

7 . Surveillance expérience

8 . written communication

9. Security Officer License

10 . Any extra certifications or clearance

To start working in security domain, there is legal requirement to have a security guard license. Any applicant who is at least 18 years old and enrolled in a school or graduated with a diploma, would have to take a security guard training course, take a first aid/CPR course and certification, apply for security guard test and pass the test. Details can be found at https://harkavsecurity.com/security-guard-training

Entry level Security Guard
One you have you license, you can start applying for entry level security guard jobs to gain some hands-on experience. Feel free to drop in your resume at https://harkavsecurity.com/career

Security Officer
With your dedication and fabulous work ethic, its just a matter of time for an experienced guard to become a professional security guard serving the needs of high-end client requirements and making those big bucks. One of our experienced security officers say “I take pride in doing my work as it gives me an opportunity to protect people as well as property. This gives me immense satisfaction feeling that I get to serve to needs at my nation.”

Personal Bodyguard
Few years of experience and a top notch performance in security industry can yield a security office a mind-blowing opportunity to become a personal bodyguard or Close protection specialist and serve the clients with a deeper purpose. An experienced security guard can then enroll themselves inn bodyguard training classes, which will cover skills like tactical skills, weapons, counter-surveillance, and advanced driving techniques. Due to the nature of the job requirement for “Personal Bodyguard”, there is a substantial demand on both the physical and mental attributes.  Therefore any individual enrolling in the bodyguard course must be physically fit and able to deal with extreme levels of stress. 

Private Investigator
Private investigation is an amazing job and with proper dedication and drive, a thriving career choice. With dedicated training course on private investigation and specific hours of work, a security guard can also become a private investigator. There are various agencies and schools offering this course.

Police Officer
With specific hours of experience along with a school diploma like Police foundations, you can be a police officer serving various communities.

In a nutshell, if you are a person with integrity, discipline, great inter-personal skills and a trustworthy individual who want to give back to the community, then reach out to Harkav Security at https://harkavsecurity.com/contact 

Come join us!

Choose to become a security guard

Being a security guard/officer makes you enormously employable. The most obvious reason being that organizations will always need to maintain their people and belongings safe. Hence job security is guaranteed. 
However, if one is curious about this line of work, here’s a snapshot of what it’s like to be a security guard. We interviewed some guard and the most common responsibilities identified are outlined here. (Thanks to our guards for taking out time and speak with us today)

The focus is on incident prevention. The key is to stay alert, maintain a pulse on what’s going on around and knowledge of whom to contact for emergency. 

Some of the key roles and obligations are:

People skills
Offering help to those who require it, is a huge section of the job. This require our guards to be well equipped with personal as well as professional development skills and also to be humble and helpful to people from various ethnicities and nationalities. Harkav security guards have received kudos many times from clients to respect multiculturalism and bring their best foot forward all time.

Keen observation and reporting
The best guards are always familiar with the specifics of the client’s property they are defending so that they can report on anything suspicious. Security guards are responsible for clear, complete and concise writing reports.

Ensure premises are secure and safe
Harkav security guards say that more than often, they have to be on the lookout for vandalism, theft, fire, etc occurrences that could be a potential damage reason to client’s property or compromise safety. They may also additionally have to  warn immediately the violators on the premises, and might also want to put into effect the use of force to apprehend or evict them. Our security guards proudly add that at the end of the workday they feel happy and satisfied to help the clients as well as perform their duties with integrity.

Be the point of contact with authorities and emergency services
Often times, a security guard has to act as the representative on the scene in case a scenario requires the intervention of other agencies, such as police, the fire department, a medical team, etc. When this happens, security guards need to be capable to narrate the incident effectively.

Furthermore, security officers are anticipated to be acquainted with criminal and civil laws, as properly as any codes or insurance policies related to all their plausible actions. 

Professional guards will watch over property and client facilities, occasionally from a stationary post, and different times while on patrol, or by means of monitoring surveillance.

There are many  unique roles and obligations that a guard will have, depending on the nature of their post/shift. But overall, the purpose is to stop incidents, and most of the time, this is successfully completed  by the watchful presence of a Trained Security Guard on duty.

Harkav Security do one thing, that is “security” and we are one of the best companies at this role in your locality. We only hire the best security guards and pre-employment screening makes it possible that we can proudly say so.

Want to become a security guard, then visit our website “www.harkavsecurity.com” and take the security guard training course or apply with a resume.

Next: Building a Career in Security domain  

Close Protection Security

 We offer a range of services for commercial close protection including:
• Executive driver and vehicle
• An individual close protection agent
• A team of close protection agents
• Commercial threat assessment


Harkav Security is a Canada based privately owned security company providing wide variety of Services Including (But not Limited to) Security Guard, Patrolling, Risk assessments, Professional Security Consulting services, Theft & fraud protection, uniformed security, Event security.
Harkav Security also provide in-house Security Guard Training for aspiring new talent.

Our management team has an expertise in customer service and security; hence we are committed to extraordinary client service epitomized by a relentless desire to deliver absolute exceptional results. Understanding the client needs is crucial for Harkav team and hence we ensure that our staff is empowered to address and provide solutions to all clients’ needs. We assist our clients in every stage of their project as both colleagues as well as consultants to add value to both organizations.

Our client centred vision drives us to go above and beyond to stay committed to client’s satisfaction, the safety of people, property and assets and ensure guards deployed are competent, and motivated.


Harkav Security is a Canada based privately owned security company providing wide variety of Services Including (But not Limited to) Security Guard, Patrolling, Risk assessments, Professional Security Consulting services, Theft & fraud protection, uniformed security, Event security.
Harkav Security also provide in-house Security Guard Training for aspiring new talent.

Our management team has an expertise in customer service and security; hence we are committed to extraordinary client service epitomized by a relentless desire to deliver absolute exceptional results. Understanding the client needs is crucial for Harkav team and hence we ensure that our staff is empowered to address and provide solutions to all clients’ needs. We assist our clients in every stage of their project as both colleagues as well as consultants to add value to both organizations.

Our client centred vision drives us to go above and beyond to stay committed to client’s satisfaction, the safety of people, property and assets and ensure guards deployed are competent, and motivated.


Harkav Security is a Canada based privately owned security company providing wide variety of Services Including (But not Limited to) Security Guard, Patrolling, Risk assessments, Professional Security Consulting services, Theft & fraud protection, uniformed security, Event security.
Harkav Security also provide in-house Security Guard Training for aspiring new talent.

Our management team has an expertise in customer service and security; hence we are committed to extraordinary client service epitomized by a relentless desire to deliver absolute exceptional results. Understanding the client needs is crucial for Harkav team and hence we ensure that our staff is empowered to address and provide solutions to all clients’ needs. We assist our clients in every stage of their project as both colleagues as well as consultants to add value to both organizations.

Our client centered vision drives us to go above and beyond to stay committed to client’s satisfaction, the safety of people, property and assets and ensure guards deployed are competent, and motivated.


Harkav Security is a Canada based privately owned security company providing wide variety of Services Including (But not Limited to) Security Guard, Patrolling, Risk assessments, Professional Security Consulting services, Theft & fraud protection, uniformed security, Event security.
Harkav Security also provide in-house Security Guard Training for aspiring new talent.

Our management team has an expertise in customer service and security; hence we are committed to extraordinary client service epitomized by a relentless desire to deliver absolute exceptional results. Understanding the client needs is crucial for Harkav team and hence we ensure that our staff is empowered to address and provide solutions to all clients’ needs. We assist our clients in every stage of their project as both colleagues as well as consultants to add value to both organizations.

Our client centred vision drives us to go above and beyond to stay committed to client’s satisfaction, the safety of people, property and assets and ensure guards deployed are competent, and motivated.

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