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Harkav Security is the best choice when it comes to condominium concierge-reception services in the GTA area, also called Condo building security guard, Loft security, Concierge security services. The power of our company lies in closely working with the Property Managers, Condominium Board of Executives, and Residents to fulfill the purpose of supporting a high-quality service.

With our proficient and attention to detail approach to Condominium security services, our team will improve the notoriety of your premises. The residents are also guaranteed to appreciate their homes better in your condo building while our group of concierge professionals ensures to rectify any disturbance coming from the party rooms, parking garages, private suites, and other areas.

Any Contractors, caregiving staff, and cleaning professionals are precisely checked in and out according to the specifications received from the clients. The vehicles of Visitors and Residents are appropriately enrolled in our databases, whereas mail stuff is persistently checked and kept secure. Our concierge staff members keep a check on all the entrances while our site supervisor randomly audits the safety and security protocols being followed, for additional support.

Why Harkav Condominium Security Services? 

Among all other security services, Harkav security services are the best of the rest due to the security rules and protocols which are executed properly for the utmost satisfaction of our clients. These include the following:

?     Advanced communication system and GPS based tracking

?     Instant responses to the security alarm and further investigation.

?     Review of security procedures and equipment of property on a regular basis.

?     Scheduled security training for the smooth functioning of the staff management ensuring employee safety.

?     24/7 working dispatch center.

?     Periodic monitoring of the working of the system and electronic patrol control system.

We hit the aim of providing you with the best

When you are trying to find the best condominium services for your apartments, flats, hotels, or condominium, Harkav Security services will never dissatisfy you by providing our clients with the best quality of security and protection services. Since our aim is customer satisfaction, we achieve it by providing a high level of training to our security guards who ensure your guests and residents feel safe and rest with peace of mind.  

We know when you are searching for security services, your main focus is on quality and we keep enhancing the quality of our services by staying up-to-date with the ever-changing technicalities of the field of protection and security. Your feedback matters to us. With your important suggestions, we keep updating the delivery services that did not satisfy you.

Feel free to contact us for the security guards who are licensed, bonded, certified, and highly trained by professional experts.

For condominium security services (mobile patrol) in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at 647-913-0085. For condominium security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For condominium security services in Alberta, you may call our office at 647-806-1189.

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