Security Services for Condominiums & Apartments

We offer the most comprehensive suite of security services and solutions for condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. We help to provide you with peace of mind by looking after your building’s safety. All while helping you to exceed federal standards for crime prevention.

There is a high crime rate in apartment buildings and condominiums.  An inadequately guarded residential community is a prime target for misconduct because of the frequent movement of residents and their visitors.  In these times, security protection of the highest standard is essential.  If you outsource the security protection of your apartment or condominium complex to our professional security company, you will no longer have to worry about ensuring the building is staffed and operational round the clock.

The condominium security procedures we develop and enforce are custom-made to fit the needs and budget of each condominium and are based on our expertise and your instructions.  You will benefit from these procedures that will be customized to your facility and designed to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness.

Condominium security Guard at Harkav Security are responsible for:

  • Be familiar with the layout of the facility, emergency procedures, and company policies.
  • Every day, complete all assigned reports & logbooks provided by the previous shift officer.
  • Know exactly what everything you need to do during a shift, including accurate house counts &  scheduled events.
  • In accordance with the company's policies, provide escort services for residents and employees
  • In accordance with company policies, respond to duress alarms and altercations
  • Guards at the entrance gate and golf cart security patrol (both optional)
  • Be sure to welcome guests, employees, and contractors
  • Cameras that use IP to monitor closed-circuit television (CCTV)
  • Control of access to residents, visitors, employees, contractors, vehicles, and packages
  • Visitor/vendor/employee/contractor login & logout
  • Establish a guard system to patrol parking lots and enforce community & towing rules.
  • Determine vulnerabilities and eliminate immediate dangers; report all incidents in accordance with the company's policies
  • The suspicious activity must be reported if it appears to be fraudulent according to company policies.
  • Notify Management, residents, visitors, employees, and contractors of potential issues
  • Follow company policies regarding the locking and unlocking of doors
  • Follow company policies regarding reporting of illegal activities
  • Coordination with external agencies (including law enforcement, fire, and rescue).
  • Conduct regular fire drills in coordination with management and outside agencies
  • Presentations on Fire/Residential Safety workshops for residents/staff (optional)

Harkav Security Guard exceed the standard qualifications for security Guard, both physically and mentally.  In addition to being Class "D" licensed, our Guard have CPR and first aid certifications, have passed a pre-employment drug screening and background check, and are eligible to work  in the United States.  Bilingual English/Spanish (if needed), highly trained, and regularly trained in the latest security techniques and technologies on the job and online.  Your property will remain in a professional, alert, dependable, courteous, and neat condition with Harkav Security Guard protecting your premises.

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Our Reliable Friendly, Professional Security Guard will give each of your residents a sense of security and safety.

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We are a team of experts at providing you with the best security measures for your individual needs. By choosing our service, you can understand all the features which comes along with it.

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We offer a wide range of services at the most affordable rates that are meant to get you the best outcomes and with these services. 


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