We deliver a safe environment for every event

We provide cutting-edge systems, technologies, and solutions to ensure the safety of every single person at your event or venue.

Let the Harkav security team handle your event. Our dedicated staff works hard to ensure the safety of your guests and provide exemplary customer service. We conduct thorough background checks, drug screenings, reference checks, and on-site interviews. All security guard staff are trained in the latest crowd control techniques, customer service, and emergency response systems.

At HARKAV Security, we realize that your event's success requires a customized plan. When you work with us, you'll receive a complete package from our security guards to our barricades. We will coordinate with you and your staff to guarantee an efficient deployment of security personnel and provide an organized approach to managing the entrance lines. 

Our services are the most comprehensive in the industry, and we take pride in providing a safe and enjoyable event. We offer security guard staffing for any type of event including concerts, festivals, and road races. The security guards are professionally trained to perform a variety of tasks, from controlling traffic flow and handling crowds to providing parking enforcement. We tailor our staff's uniforms to your specific event needs.

Our Event Security Services

Security services we provide to Events include, but aren't limited to:

Scalable Crowd Control and Venue Security

The different types, scopes, and physical safety requirements of each type of event are taken into account when determining the kind of event security you need. Based on the location of the venue and anticipated crowd size, our experts can determine the number of security personnel and the size of the premises.

Risk Management and Emergency Prevention

With our security personnel, your event will be secure since they are professional, friendly, adept at assessing threats and can control guests. Boost security by conducting a threat analysis, researching the history of the event location, and having security personnel cover the grounds so as to not interfere with it.

Concert Security

Whether it is a large or a small concert, security issues are brought to the table which can only be effectively addressed by experts. Concert security services provided by Harkav Security range from performing critical risk assessments all the way to implementing plans, executing the concert itself, and monitoring afterward.

Event Staff

At Harkav Security, our event staff takes care of not only the security at an event but many of the other important tasks as well. Gate attendants, door staff, valet drivers, CCTV operators, first aid, and emergency responders are just some of the staff we provide for all of our events.

Trade Show Security

For trade shows to be successful, security challenges must be met effectively with a professional and experienced approach. During the setup and event period, and then during the breakdown period, Harkav Security provides a comprehensive range of security services covering all aspects of trade show security.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable and Proven

We are a reliable firm for providing event security. We have set up proper guidelines and standard operating procedures to maintain discipline and provide excellent security services efficiently.

Experts and Staff

We have experienced staff for event security. Our security guards are experienced in providing event safety and surveillance of the event downtown, along with traffic control at intersections.

Affordable Rates

We offer a wide range of services at the most affordable rates that are meant to get you the best outcomes and with these services. 

Our Clients