Harkav Security

Loss Prevention

Regulating effective loss prevention security services is the first successful way to discourage would-be burglars or thieves. When clients search for retail security or loss prevention services in GTA area of Ontario, Harkav Security is their first choice as we treat your business as if it were ours. Hence, we utilize an up-to-date approach in the security industry and well-practiced strategies of observance. 

Our on-site security officers are committed to anticipating resource misfortunes and keeping vandals in line either by closely checking CCTV cameras behind the scenes or while on patrols. Each security guard demonstrates sheer kindness and regard with all patrons, employees or clients. In the case of a crisis, all of our guards are broadly prepared in CPR, fires or evacuation best practices. In case anything comes up last minute, they will have access to qualified backup at any given time. 

Whether you're looking for loss prevention services providers in Ontario or Alberta, Harkav Security team will ensure that you are equipped with a successful security strategy that's tailored to your needs as well as direct and simple to decipher. This guarantees that your store or office is running easily while giving fabulous retail security services.

Benefits of Hiring Harkav Security Prevention Team

• Law Enforcement Communication  

If you're encountering stock loss due to theft or burglary, we are going to work with police authorities to guarantee that anybody included is held responsible for their activities. All things are dealt with legitimately and successfully in this way.


• 24 Hour Surveillance We cautiously screen and secure your premises round the clock utilizing both our skills with security cameras and patrols to supply coverage both on the floor and overhead. 

• Resource Accountability Daily reports can assist you distinguish whether a suspect is blameworthy of theft or if there was just a basic mistake. We'll screen and file what comes in or out of your office to provide an oversight into the circumstance so there's adequate proof to allude back to.


For loss prevention services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at 647-913-0085. For loss prevention services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For loss prevention services in Alberta, you may call our office at 647-806-1189.