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With all the industries adversely affected by Corona, the COVID-19 pandemic has impelled an enormous need for pandemic response security services.  With the demand, increases the job responsibilities for security guards from securing premises to pay more consideration to personnel’s temperature checks, and retail locations’ crowd control. The security guards are expected to coordinate individuals susceptible to any indications to isolation zones.

Harkav Security is one of the few companies who are pandemic response security services' agency offering numerous pandemic security solutions to businesses: 

Human Temperature Screening: The first indication or symptom of being positive to COVID is the increase in temperature. Having equipment to get an idea of human temperature in no time makes it easy for the security guards to identify the possibilities of COVID patients. Thus, we ensure proper safety by allowing only those persons having a normal body temperature in the screening.

Symptoms’ Questionnaire screening: Nobody knows about your body more than yourself. Knowing about the possible COVID symptoms and facing them should urge you to get yourself tested. We provide Symptoms Questionnaire screening having a list of all possible symptoms and asking you to fill properly if you are facing any of them or not.  

Ensured social distancing is practiced: Not only in the case of a pandemic, but social distancing should also be practiced to avoid normal infections and flu. But in the case of such a huge pandemic response, social distancing becomes mandatory. This is where security guards serve the purpose of maintaining this practice if people show negligence for the same.

Ensure government regulations for sanitization, face masks, and gloves: A new rule to be followed by each visitor or employee to be equipped with face masks, and gloves all the time is ensured by security guards. Frequent sanitization is mandatory for all people. In case you forget to carry sanitizers with you, sanitizers are also installed around the place to be used by visitors.

Enhanced Guest Management: By ensuring all the above-mentioned pointers are practiced properly by the visitors and employees, the security guard services enhance the guest experience with ultimate management. This is how the security system of Harkav Security ensures utmost satisfaction to the guests. Because the rule here is “Your safety is our assurity”.

For pandemic response security services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at 647-913-0085. For pandemic response security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For pandemic response security services in Alberta, you may call our office at +1647-806-1189.

For pandemic response security services in Toronto (GTA area), you may call our office at 647-913-0085. For pandemic response security services in Ontario (other cities) please call our toll-free at 1-855-5HARKAV to assist you in your local area. For pandemic response security services in Alberta, you may call our office at 647-806-1189.

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