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Security Guard Training

If you are trying to get your security guard license when you can not afford the time in a classroom, do not worry,  Harkav security is there to help you to begin. We offer one of the best online security guard training systems. These USPs will tell you that it is the best place to start:  

• We are the top online training school in Ontario.
• 24/7 training sessions in virtual classrooms.
• No time and location restrictions on training.

“ We provide guaranteed employment assistance upon completion of training along with licensing support. The training fee is worth spending your penny as it is inclusive of competitive rates, low-cost training, and all training materials. Call 1-855-5HARKAV(427528) or email info@harkavsecurity.ca for support.  ”

Security Guard Training Course

Requirements to Become a Security Guard in Ontario

Licensing Requirements (ss. 10(1) of the PSISA). All individuals are requested to meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for a Security guard license:
• Must complete required training and testing with flying colors.
• Must be 18 years old.
• No criminal records in the past as per the Clean Criminal Record
• Regulation(note: not all the criminal charges or convictions will prevent an individual from obtaining a private investigator license. Look below for more information on the Clean Criminal Record Regulation).
• You must be legally entitled for working in Canada.

The process to become a security guard in Ontario. Complete the online basic security training.

• In class First Aid
• Upload your consent of eligibility about Training and Testing.
Once you receive your security training completion number, register yourself for a government exam.
• After completing your exam successfully, your next step is to apply for a security license.

Submission of Application Process

• Carry your clear and easily identifiable passport photograph at any photoshop.
• Upload a photo identification issued by the government.
• Upload a government verified document to prove eligibility to work in Canada.
• Get a guarantor form filed by the person who is your acquaintance for more than 2 years.